Registered Nurse

Posted 4 years ago

Certificate/ Diploma/ Degree in Nursing
Current registration with AHPRA Division 1 (with no restrictions)


As per Letter of Appointment


Performance appraisals are conducted as follow.

  • After the first 6 months of employment (the probationary period).
  • Then yearly in accordance with this position description or more often at the discretion of the Facility Manager.



Resident Care

  • Responsible for ensuring that daily care of residents is carried out and documented accurately to reflect the care and assistance level provided.
  • Administer medications as per the doctor.
  • Evaluate individual care needs on a regular basis and ensure that changing care needs are identified; sufficiently assessed and appropriate interventions are carried out timely. These care needs and interventions are then transferred to the resident’s care plans.
  • Participate in Resident Care Conference as per schedule.
  • Participate in Family Conferences as directed by management.
  • Ensure new resident’s entry processes are completed properly and timely.
  • Carry out and/ or ensure all required assessments are carried out to form basis for care plans development.
  • Carry out care plan evaluations as per schedule and make necessary changes.
  • Carry out all complex clinical and health care needs for residents as per plan.
  • Ensure all documentation reflect the care/ treatment that has been provided for the resident in a timely manner.

Administration and Staff Management

  • Work independently and efficiently, without constant supervision by Management.
  • Ensure clinical and medical records are kept in good order in their files.
  • Ensure all documentation pertaining to resident is accurate and complete on a timely manner.
  • Ensure the work environment is kept clean, neat and safe at all times.
  • Participate in employee performance appraisal at the request of management from time to time.
  • Provide supervision to AIN to ensure their daily duties are carried out properly as per their position descriptions and duty statements.
  • Provide supervision to ensure employee allocations are complied with on a shift to shift basis and make necessary changes in accordance to employee skills mix to residents when required in a fair manner.
  • Communicate effectively with all employees, residents, representatives, medical practitioners and allied health professionals, fostering team work within a caring environment.
  • Liaise with/ report to management on identified issues timely where required.
  • Supervise to ensure work practices are within safety, policies and good practices.

Quality and Continuous Improvement

  • Actively participate in quality and continuous improvement activities to assist in the ongoing achievement of accreditation and improving quality resident care.
  • Report to management all identified deficits timely.
  • Attend to all necessary meetings as displayed on the notice board.
  • Check and read all memorandums issued by management in a timely manner.

Infection Control

  • Promote and ensure other employees’ practices are within the Infection Control manual at all times.

Work Health and Safety

  • Ensure a safe, secure environment, in accordance with Work Health and Safety guidelines and Fire Regulations for employees, residents and visitors.
  • Responsible for ensuring that incidents/accidents and hazardous issues are brought to the attention of management and documented on relevant forms timely.
  • Attend compulsory fire and evacuation drills and training.
  • Promote and ensure safe work practices at all times.Education and Development
  • Must maintain at least 20 hours of CPD (Continuing Professional Development) per year that is relevant to the context of registration for practice.
  • Attend regular meetings to keep information up to date.
  • Ensure own skills and professional development through participation in external activities and educational forums in changing requirements for aged care.
  • Attend all compulsory training and meetings.


How to Apply
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