AVACS Newsletter – Mar/April 2020 Edition

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Message from Avacs President

Dear AVACS residents, family members and staff,

This week, there was an important incident which has affected greatly our fight to control the spread of COVID-19 illness in Sydney.
It comes as NSW Health works to manage an outbreak linked to the Anglicare Newmarch House aged care facility at Caddens, near Penrith. Almost 100 staff and residents are in self-isolation while six staff and four residents have tested positive, after a healthcare worker continued to attend work for 6 days while they were experiencing mild symptoms.

The NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant said that the incident showed that anyone with symptoms should stay home.

“It doesn’t matter how mild those symptoms are – runny nose, sore throat, just a scratchy throat in this case – please don’t go to work,” she said.

“I would particularly urge you, if you work associated with providing care to the elderly, the aged and disability, to have that incredibly high awareness of even minor changes in your health.”

NSW Health urged anyone who has symptoms including a fever or cough to go to a free COVID-19 clinic, their local GP or a nearby hospital for testing.

Each and everyone of us should learn from the experience of other cases in Australia and around the world to stop the spread of the coronavirus and to protect our elderly residents. We should strictly adhere to Social distancing rules, Staying home (after finishing work), Frequent Hand Washing.

All AVACS staff should have temperature check prior coming to work everyday and having Influenza vaccine done by the end of April and go for free COVID-19 testing if having mild symptoms such as fever, sore throat, dry cough, runny nose. If any staff is sick, please do not go to work and contact your GP on the same day for further management.
All residents should also have Influenza vaccine and Pneumococcal vaccine done by the end of April to prepare for the winter coming up soon.

All resident family members should have Influenza vaccine done by the end of April and obtaining the Influenza vaccine certificate by their GP and having temperature check prior entering AVACS nursing home.
We all need to work together, to support each other to protect our beloved residents.

Wishing everyone healthy and stay safe.

Best regards,
Dr. David Tang


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