AVACS Newsletter – Oct 2022 to Mar 2023 Edition

M E S S A G E   F R O M   A V A C S   P R E S I D E N T

B Y  D R . D A V I D  T A N G

Dear AVACS residents,  family  members and staff,

This year, in June 2023, will mark another important milestone in AVACS  nursing home history. Our nursing home will be in operation for 5 years and now we have achieved a full 100% occupancy and  we  have  been  able to help many frail, lonely and socially disadvantage elderly people in the community.

Our AVACS nursing home has fully passed and met all 8 Accreditation Quality Standards conducted by the Australian Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission. We have received Good Rating by the Australian Government to indicate the good quality of care across 4 key areas of performance such as Compliance, Quality Measures, Residents’ Experience and Staffing. This is a very good news and a great achievement for all of us. Our main objectives are caring for the residents with our best ability, treating them with respects and providing them with choices and dignity.

On behalf  of  AVACS  Board,  I  would  like  to  thank  you  all  AVACS  staff for your diligent and hard working to  care  for  our  residents. The  Board has appreciated all AVACS  staff  who  worked  so  hard  and  loyal  to AVACS.

I also would like  to  thank  you  all  residents  and  family  members  for your  understanding,  co-operation  and  support  for  AVACS over  the past 5 years.

As the winter this year is approaching soon, it is time for having your influenza vaccine and  Covid  19  booster vaccine to  protect everyone in the nursing home,  especially to  protect our  beloved residents. I  would like to remind all staff, residents and  family  members  to  get  your vaccine up to date  before visiting the  nursing home.  Thank  you  very much for your co-operation.

Dr. David Minh Tang
AVACS President


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