AVACS Newsletter – Oct 2021 to Mar 2022 Edition

M E S S A G E   F R O M   A V A C S        P R E S I D E N T

Dear AVACS residents, family members, and staff,

On behalf of AVACS Board, I would like to thank you all AVACS staff for your diligence and hard-working to care for our  residents and keeping our  residents safe. I also would like to thank all residents and family members for your understanding and cooperation  during  the  pandemic  lockdowns.  Under  the NSW Health and State Government Directions, many restrictions have now been lifted and the family members are able to visit the residents if they are fully immunized and showing no symptoms and have Negative RAT test results.

In order to keep up with the  good work, to  care for  and  protect our  residents from Covid 19 illness and Flu illness this coming winter, I would encourage everyone to have your Covid vaccine booster and Flu vaccine as soon as possible before June this year. We also need to continue to keep up  with  our  good infection control by keeping social distance, wearing mask when visiting the residents, washing hands often and if you feel unwell with a sore throat, runny nose, coughing, or fever, please do not come to  the  nursing home and  see  your GP for COVID 19 testing.

Hope to see everyone soon at Mother’s Day Celebrations in May 2022.

Dr. David Minh Tang
AVACS President


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