AVACS Newsletter – May-July 2020 Edition

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Message from Avacs President


Dear AVACS residents, family members and staff,

On behalf of AVACS Board, I would like to thank you very much everyone for your understanding and exceptional effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus within the community and in particular within our nursing home.

The NSW Health Department has always recommended that anyone with cold and flu symptoms should stay home.

“It doesn’t matter how mild those symptoms are – runny nose, sore throat, just a scratchy throat or mild fever- please stay home, please don’t go to work and should go for testing at a nearby free COVID-19 clinic or local hospital”.

Each and every one of us should learn from the experience of other cases in Melbourne and in Crossroads Hotel Casula recently, to prevent the second wave of the coronavirus infection in Sydney and to protect our elderly residents. We should strictly adhere to Social distancing rules, staying home (after finishing work), Frequent Hand Washing, Wearing face masks when going shopping and catching public transport.

All AVACS staff should have temperature check when coming to the nursing home. If any staff is sick, please do not go to work and contact your GP on the same day for further management. We all need to work together, to support each other to protect our beloved residents.

Wishing everyone healthy and stay safe.

Best regards,
Dr. David Tang

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