AVACS Newsletter – Oct/Nov 2020 Edition

Message from AVACS President

Dear AVACS residents, family members and staff,

This year, the year 2020, is a very difficult and challenging year for all of us, especially for our beloved residents who have to be separated with their spouse, children and grandchildren during the COVID 19 pandemic lockdown in Sydney.

Under the strict Government infection control guidelines and AVACS Board infection prevention directions, our AVACS nursing home staff were able to keep all residents safe and healthy. Our staff also did an amazing job to keep the residents connected with their family members by using Skype, Telephones, Window of Love visits and Face to Face visits.

So, on behalf of AVACS Board, I would like to thank you all AVACS staff for the job well done to keep our residents safe. I also would like to thank you all residents and family members for your understanding and cooperation during the year.

As Christmas and New Year celebrations approaching very fast, I would encourage everyone to keep up with your good infection control work by continuing to keep social distance, wearing mask when you are going to work or visiting the residents, washing hands often and if you feel unwell with sore throat, runny nose, coughing or fever, please do not come to the nursing home and see your GP for COVID 19 test as soon as possible. Hopefully, our life will be back to normal soon next year when the Government rolls out the vaccine for our residents and all aged care staff in March 2021.

Finally, I would like to wish our beloved residents a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year 2021 together with your children and grandchildren. I also would like to wish all our
AVACS staff and family members a very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year 2021.

Dr. David Tang
AVACS President

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